NOTD: Nude & Graffiti

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I was inspired for this nail look by Makeup By Tiffany D’s post on Instagram! (seen below)

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Her look featured the Sephora Formula X Topcoat but I’m here to tell you I found a dupe! Revlon has a topcoat in the shade “Graffiti” and it is essentially the same colour for a fraction of the cost. The nude I used here was Sand Tropez by Essie, but you could use any cheap nude polish to make this a cheaper alternative to her nail look!

**Sorry my nails are chipping oops but I had to share this nail look!

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Review: Nars Matte Multiple in Vientiane

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about the new Nars Matte Multiple. I bought a bronze shade so I could contour/bronze with it. I’m generally not a fan of cream blushes as opposed to powders and the same goes for bronzers. I really wanted to try this product and try to cream contour. The product is $46 CDN but I did purchase it when Sephora was having their VIB 15% off sale, which is my justification for the high price. On Sephora’s website, the reviews all discussed how the regular Nars Multiples are the same price but contain much more product. I do think that is a problem with the brand itself and not the actual product.

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The shade I bought is Vientiane. It is referred to as a copper bronze on the Sephora website. I wanted this product to be a true brown but I will admit it is on the orange side. I also learned very quick that it is easy to get carried away with this product. I applied it by putting a line where I would normally contour under my cheekbones, and also lines around my forehead.  After blending with my Sigma F86, I resembled an Oompa Loompa on the sides of my face. So be warned that a little product will go a long way. The stick itself is so creamy when you blend it out, which is a good thing, as long as you don’t use too much. But, if you do go overboard with the product, I just took the brush I had used for foundation over it and it helped to minimize the product.I found this product is also really good for contouring the nose (but only use a small amount!!)

I love the fact that this product is matte. It’s really hard to find a good matte bronzer, powder or cream, and this one is really good for that. Although it is a tad on the orange side, it still gives a nice bronzey effect on tanned skin. When my tan fades though, I’m not sure I will be able to pull this off though so be aware. I do set this product with a powder bronzer over top, just so it does not slide down my face throughout the day. I have found that this method really does make my bronzer last a long time, which is something I strive for and can appreciate.

I’m still trying to get used to this product and experimenting to find the best way to apply it. Overall, I do like it and will continue to use it. I think it is going to be really great for the summer monthes but also in the winter when you don’t want to use powders on dry skin.

Review: Sephora Skin Bender Vol. 1

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have not made a blog post in over a month due to exams and finals and all that boring University garbage. But I have spent quite a chunk of change on Sephora’s website due to procrastination and boredom between exams. My credit card isn’t happy but I’m loving the products I got!

This is one product I was really excited to try. It’s a Sephora Favourites set featuring 10 deluxe samples of skincare products. I don’t usually spend a lot of money on skincare because in order to shell out that amount of money for one item, I like to try it first and not only rely on beauty gurus and reviews’ opinions. This set is perfect because you get to try a lot of different products and the sample sizes are very good sizes! The set was $56 Canadian ($48 US) but I do believe it just went on sale at Sephora (which bummed me out because I had ordered it about a week prior). I have not used every product in this set yet but I’ll give you a review on the ones I have tried.

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The only product I used previous to this set was the Josie Maran Argan Oil. I actually had the bottle that was this size previous and I haven’t finished that one yet, so now I have two! I do like this oil a lot. I only use it on my face (but you can use it anywhere on your body and even your hair!) which is why I still have some in my old bottle. I don’t find myself using it everyday but that was only because I was trying to prolong its use before having to buy another one. This oil works best overnight on days where my skin is feeling extra dry and tight. It doesn’t make your skin greasy at all and it looks really nice in the morning.

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The Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty is one that I was interested in trying and one of the reasons I splurged on the set. I really like it for my face as a daily moisturizer. It’s not too greasy and dries quickly, making it a good base before primers and foundations. It looks thick when you get it out of the bottle but I think it is really perfect consistency for the face. I could definitely see myself purchasing this after I use up the sample.

The Korres Greek Yogurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial was another reason I wanted this set. I’ve seen YouTubers talk about this but I was skeptical because the price is about $56 Canadian. I really like this product. What I love is how nice my face feels and looks in the morning. It feels so hydrating on the skin and really plumps up your face in the AM. The term “sleeping facial” had me imagining a thick cream that you slather on your face in order to really hydrate your skin but this was nothing like my expectations. It looks like a normal moisturizer that you work in to your skin. It leaves no residue and absorbs quickly. The price is steep but this product is wonderful for us dry skin ladies and it will be perfect for the winter monthes.

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Today I was just going out for coffee with my friend and decided to try the Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream in the set. I have never used a CC cream before but I knew they were supposed to have a higher coverage than a BB Cream. I can’t compare this to any other CC Cream but I absolutely love this product. The coverage is so amazing; I would say its medium coverage. It really feels great on the skin! Lately, my full coverage foundations have been a bit drying to my face throughout the day but this product really hydrates my skin while making it appear flawless. I was honestly going to give this product to my mom without trying it first, but now I am really happy I didn’t because I LOVE this stuff! One thing I will say is that I did set this with powder but as I am feeling my face right now, it does not feel powdery at all. It gives a dewy finish which is probably due to all the moisturizing properties it has to offer. I am just really surprised at how much I love this stuff after only one day of using it.

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The last product I want to talk about was not in the set but I did get it as a sample with my order. It’s the Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Treatment and holy shit this is good. I was impressed with the Korres Facial but I think I like this product a tiny bit more. I put this on at night before I went to bed and it really hydrated by skin. The overall texture was improved as well. I had really dry spots on my nose/cheek area and in the morning, the dryness was gone and it was so smooth to the touch. I would definintely buy this product in the full size but again, it is a pricey one!

Thank you so much for reading this post! I would definitely recommend trying this set if you want to test out a bunch of products that are normally quite expensive on their own!



Haul: Makeup Brushes and more!

I recently placed an order on, which is an authorized retailer of Sigma. If you live in Canada, you know how ridiculous shipping is when ordering from the USA. This website is perfect for Canadians because it ships right from Toronto so there are no crazy shipping costs (and it’s quick delivery too!)

I ordered 6 brushes and a lipgloss from the website. They had just gotten Butter Glosses from NYX in stock so I had to pick one up. The one I got is in the colour Eclair. I think when I bought this, I had high expectations because everyone and their dog raves about these lip glosses on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the gloss, it just wasn’t AS good as I expected it to be. It’s a teensy bit on the sticky side and the pigmentation is good. Maybe I just don’t like sticky glosses as opposed to smooth ones, oh well! At least the glosses are relatively cheap but I’m still going to try and use it more.

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I got two Real Technique brushes: the Powder brush and the Shader brush. The powder brush is so big, which is exactly what I wanted. I was not disapointed with this brush at all, and I just love it for setting my foundation. It is also suuuper soft which is a great bonus. The shading brush is a lot smaller than I expected. But I used it for the first time yesterday and it is really good for packing on colour and the size definitely helps. Honestly, I did not really need this brush but I bought it because I needed to spend like $5 more to get free shipping and this brush was $7. That is still a really good price for the brush. Real Technique brushes are such good quality for a really affordable price.

I got four Sigma Brushes from the website. Most of them, I had been eyeing for a while and debating when to purchase. The F86 is the Tapered Kabuki. Youtubers like Jaclyn Hill and Casey Holmes swear by this brush for blending out their concealer (mostly for blending out MAC Pro Longwear Concealer). I’m on the fence about this brush as of right now. It does blend the concealer but I think I like the Beauty Blender a bit more for this job. Because the Beauty Blender is damp when you use it, it really helps to blend your foundation and concealer together for a more natural look. The brush somewhat makes a harsh line from where my concealer ends and foundation starts. I hope that makes a bit of sense and if not, just ignore it then!

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The F35 is the Tapered Highlighter brush. I got this because I FINALLY got MAC Pro Powder in Emphasize (review coming soon!) and wanted this brush specifically for that. I’ve used it for actual cheekbone highlighting as well and it works great for that, but I mainly purchased it for undereye highlighting/setting.

The F05 is the Small Contour brush. I really expected this brush to be a bit different than what it actually is. I thought it would be rounder and more dense. It’s actually a little flimsy and not very structured. You can see in the picture, the bristles are just longer than I expected and it isn’t very dense. It’s alright for contouring. The brush I had before was a black haired flat top kabuki brush that worked well, but it was getting old and I thought this brush could replace it. It is growing on me though. Because it is a little loose/less dense, you can apply the contour and then press the brush down to really blend it out. This brush just wasn’t what I expected it to be.

The E45 is the Small Tapered Blending brush. It reminds me of Sigma’s E30 Pencil brush that decided to have a baby with a blending brush. I actually really like using this on my lower lash line in place of the pencil brush. It buffs out the colour way faster and with less effort. I also saw Youtubers using this brush in their crease for a more defined line which I have not tried yet but that was the main reason I bought it.

Next, I ordered from The Bay, mainly because I wanted the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I’ve seen this more and more on YouTube so I fell into the hype and purchased it. I’m not going to go too in detail because I will probably do a separate blogpost on it. I will say that ordering foundation online is the scariest thing ever because of the different shades. I saw Casey Holmes (or itsbl0ndie) on YouTube and she has 3W1 Tawny and it matched her self tan skin really well. I self tan on occasion and always find it hard to find a matching foundation. So I took a risk and ordered the shade she got, and thank Jesus it matched perfect! The Bay was also having a promotion in which you got a Lilly Pulitzer bag filled with Estee Lauder samples with a $35 purchase (which was my other incentive to order the foundation online).

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Hope you guys enjoyed the haul, and thanks so much for reading!

Review: Garnier Clean+ Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Before I start this review, I must say that I have never used an oil to take off my makeup. For the past couple of years, I’ve used the Philosophy Purity Cleanser and an Avon Eye Makeup Remover. There also was never a cleansing oil that appealed to me, whether it was because of the price or lack of knowledge about them.

I had been seeing magazine ads for this product for a long time before I actually saw it in stores. What really drew me in was that it was targeted for dry skin. My skin is so dry due to the harsh Canadian winters we’ve been dealing with here. So when I finally saw this in store, I snatched the bottle and couldn’t wait to get home to take off my makeup.

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One of the best things about the oil is that the bottle has a pump so no need to pour it on to a cotton pad or any other method that will only just waste product. You need about two pumps to get your whole face. If you read the instructions on the back, it tells you to use the oil on DRY HANDS and put on your DRY face. I watched a YouTube review before I used the product and the girl was really emphasizing that point. If you use it wet, the oil will just slip around your face and not break down any makeup. 

Once you put the oil on your face and work it in, you really start to see your makeup coming off. I don’t think I have ever gotten off all my eye makeup before with so little effort. After you work it in, you add some water and work it in more to really get everything off. After you rinse, your skin feels so hydrated! Sometimes, it does feel like there is an oil layer left on your skin so I just follow with my Purity cleanser and it solves the problem. I think for people with dry skin, you will LOVE this product (or probably just oils in general). Also if you wear heavy makeup like I do, this really will take everything off with little effort.

Hope this review helped you guys and you’ll decide to check it out!!

MAC Heroine Lipstick

I’m here to tell you today that a purple lipstick is wearable. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

I think when Heroine fades a bit, it starts to look more on the fuschia side as opposed to a purple. I went to a party and my nude lipstick lover self was scared that people would be a bit weirded out by this colour. People actually thought it was the same colour as my friend, who was wearing a dark red colour (they were reaaaally different but I guess people were drinking..) Overall, I love this lipstick. I had been sipping from a cup all night and I still didn’t need to touch up the lipstick. The matte feeling of the lipstick stays put and you can really feel that its there. Actually, hungover me just woke up and looked in the mirror and my lips still look purple. Matte shades really cling like no other. Overall, I’m impressed with how wearable this lipstick is. I was beginning to wonder why I had bought it but I’m glad I did.

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MOTD: Copper Sparkle

Hello! Today I used MAC Copper Sparkle pigment. I received this in a MAC Pigment holiday but it is a permanent collection pigment. I watched many tutorials on this product prior to using because it really is a bright copper aka it’s almost straight up orange. It is really beautiful though and is extremely metallic. I also put a matte navy blue colour in my crease from my Kat Von D Ladybird Palette. Hope you enjoy!

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
MAC Studio Fix Powder
MAC Blunt (as bronzer)
MAC Gingerly Blush

MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment
Kat Von D Lady bird palette (for blending colours and matte navy blue)

MAC Pure Zen