Loreal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Oil Voxbox


Get ready for another sponsored post. Disclaimer: Products were sent to me by Influenster for review purposes. God, I feel like one of those famous YouTubers who gets everything for free but preaches that “all opinions are my own.”

SO In my VoxBox, I received the new Loreal Paris line of Extraordinary Oil Shampoo + Conditioner, plus a deep repair mask. Let us go over some quick details

Packaging: Looks super luxurious, love the gold tones.
Scent: Reminds me of a musky candle (in a good way) but the smell isn’t going to be obnoxious throughout the day
But does it lather? Heck yeah it lathers and feels majestic, which is when you can really get the smell. Suuuper relaxing 30 seconds in the shower.
Wait.. did you feel any different after? My hair definitely felt softer and more manageable. My hair is pretty processed (bleached,blown dry, straightened, curled, YOU NAME IT). I had this really dry/tangled spot near the top of my hair that was so hard to brush through. After using this set a couple times, it was back to being soft and normal hair (if that makes any sense).
But it has the word oil in the title…. Yes the word oil scares me too. Whether that be a face oil or hair oil. My thin hair usually can’t handle too much product without looking oily so the oil in the title definitely scared me. Let me be the first to tell you my hair does not get oily from this, it only provides impeccable shine and softness.

Absolutely. I have no problems with this line, only positive things to boast about. There is also nothing worse than buying a shampoo and conditioner set, hating it, and then being stuck with it. Thankfully, I like this so I would definitely buy this.


Thanks for reading my review of these products, let me know if you try them out!


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