Battle of the Brands: Loreal vs Urban Decay Setting Sprays

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On my latest trip to Target, I discovered that Loreal had released their own makeup setting spray. As a tried and true lover of the Urban Decay All Nighter spray, I decided to purchase Loreal’s version in order to do a comparison (and also a great blog post topic!). Lets jump right into a side by side comparison of the two products on different scales.


The drugstore makeup setting spray retails for around $14 CAD at Target for 3.4 fl oz, while Urban Decay’s spray retails for $36 CAD for 4.0 fl oz. Although you do get more product in the UD bottle, it’s not enough to make up for that extra $22 price gap.


Both products claim to make your makeup last longer and both are oil free. UD Spray also claims paraben free and temperature control technology. Both products directions are almost word for word identical: Shake well, hold 8-10 inches away and spray on face in a T and X motion. As for ingredients, I was almost shocked to see that the ingredient listing is near identical in both products. I had a previous hunch that Loreal and Urban Decay were owned by the same company/connected in some way. It just seems slightly outrageous given the two differing price tags that there is no significant difference, ingredient wise, between the two. From their logic, consumers will always buy Urban Decay though as it is a luxury brand compared to Loreal (a little bit of business wisdom for the day).


After testing the Loreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray (what a mouth full!) for the first time today, I do have some conclusions. In application, I did notice that the spray nozzle was not quite as good as the UD one. The mist was fine but the nozzle distributed the product slightly uneven, but I think I only noticed because it was different from the UD spray, which I am more familiar with. Secondly, the smell is SLIGHTLY different from the UD one. The smell isn’t unpleasant in any way, but the Urban Decay one has a more fresh scent but I personally do not mind the Loreal one, just noting the difference in scent.

IMG_5555  IMG_5558 (2)
IMG_5574  IMG_5572 (1)

After my own personal test of the Loreal product, I have to go ahead and say… THIS IS A DUPE, THIS IS A DUPE. My makeup did not break up through the day, as it does when I do not wear setting spray. The pictures really do not do justice, I just didn’t think to use flash when I had daylight.. but now the two have completely different lighting so I apologize. As I’m looking in the mirror, my bronzer and blush is still on, oh, and did I mention it has been approx 12 hours?! Yeah. I definitely give this spray a two thumbs up. I will probably be using both interchangeably since they both do the same thing from my perspective. I hope this spray stays permanent in Loreal’s line because it would be nice to not break the bank sometimes and not have to “settle” for the cheaper option.

Hope you enjoyed the review, and let me know what you think of the spray if you pick it up!


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