The Balm: Mary-Lou Manizer & Bahama Mama

My bank account is really not okay with all the shopping I’ve done in the last couple of days. To be fair, I’ve had the whole week off from university so what else was there to do besides spend money? Once school resumes, I won’t have time to shop so I figured I needed to blow some $$$ while I still had the time.

The only place that I knew of that sold The Balm cosmetics was a drugstore in a mall that was about a half an hour away from where I live. I actually went there, looking for the Mary Lou-Manizer but it was out of stock. My friend then told me about a drugstore which was about 10 minutes away that carried the brand. I made a trip the next day and I was over the moon (the same can not be said for my bank account).

photo 1 (11)       photo 5 (3)

I’ve been lusting over the Mary-Lou Manizer for quite a long time. Everyone on YouTube raves about its perfect luminosity and I needed to get my hands on it. It really is the perfect intense shimmer highlighter. One of my favourite qualities about it is the lack of sparkles. Nobody wants a disco face. It is also the most perfect champagne colour that seems very universal to me. I really feel like it would look good on everybody.

photo 3 (7)       photo 4 (3)

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part about this mysterious drugstore I had never been to! They had a promo where if you buy one product from The Balm, you got to buy another product for 50% off! How could I even pass up an offer like that?! Anyways, I wasn’t sure which other product to pick up but I had remembered hearing things about the Bahama Mama bronzer. When I opened that little tester in the store, I knew I had to have it. It’s a matte brown bronzer that does not have any nasty orangy tones. It somewhat reminds me of Benefit’s Hoola, in the sense that it is a true brown. That being said, it is darker than Hoola which I can appreciate. The texture is SO smooth. Right when I swatched it, I knew I had to have it. It was literally like touching butter, but I’m not sure why anyone would purposely do that.

photo 2 (11)        photo 1 (12)

I haven’t actually used these on my face yet, but here is a swatch of them both on my hand. I am so excited to try these! Have you tried The Balm products before? Is there anything else I should add to my collection? Let me know!

photo 2 (12)


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