Small Haul: Kat Von D and MAC

Hello Everyone! I thought I would share a couple items I picked up at the mall today! First, I went to MAC because I needed a new 15 Eye Shadow Palette. While I was there, I noticed the new Fantasy Flowers collection still had some lipsticks available. Usually, the products in collections sell out very quick so I was surprised when the lipstick, Fleur D’Coral was still available. It’s a light coral/peachy nude. It is a Lustre finish, which isn’t my absolute favourite finish but it does feel really nice on the lips. I also went to MAC because I had some Back to MAC products to recycle for a free lipstick! I had been eyeing Heroine for a while now. It’s a straight up purple lipstick but I feel like it is so wearable; almost a borderline fuchsia.

photo 1 (10)       photo 2 (10)

photo 3 (6)

I have to admit, this next item was a teensy bit of an impulse. I mean, I had done my research on it and I had been eyeing it for a while, but I didn’t really NEED it. But I wanted it. SO I broke down and bought it. The shade that really caught by eye was that rusty red/brown colour. It’s so similar to Brown Script from MAC (which I love) so I guess I felt I needed this too. I did some swatches of this palette on my hand and the pigmentation is really good. The application is very smooth too. I have not tried this on my eyes yet but I will definitely be playing with it tomorrow. It also came with a little brown eyeliner that is very creamy and feels like good quality. The palette with the eyeliner was $42 CAD, which I thought was a really good deal for the quality of these shadows.

photo 4 (2)

 photo (3)        photo 5 (2)


3 thoughts on “Small Haul: Kat Von D and MAC

  1. Amazing post. I love that Heroine lipstick. Just did a post on it myself. The other lipstick looks like it would be perfect on you. Love your blog.

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