Trend Alert: Bold Brows & Products You Need to Try

Eyebrows have quickly become a new makeup trend that everyone is really getting into. Some love it and some definitely hate it. I started getting really into eyebrows in the last year. I don’t have very nice brows to start with so I quickly learned how important filling and shaping brows was. Once you start filling them in, there really is no going back. You will look back at old photos and realize how dull your face looks or how unfinished your makeup looks– all because you forgot to fill in your brows.

This is a post about a few of my most beloved eyebrow products that have helped me in the transition for no brows to beautiful arches.


1) MAC Lingering Eyebrow Pencil


I’ve used this product for the longest and it has never let me down. Its a pencil so it is so easy to just shape and fill in our brows. Typically, I would start by making an outline for my brows and then slightly filling them in, and then setting with a brown eyeshadow, (specifically, MAC Brun Eyeshadow). The colour, Lingering, is probably the most popular and universal shade. I used this colour when I had blonde hair and I still use it with my brunette hair. When set with a powder, it did provide a long stay power which is very important to me. Nobody needs to see a melting eyebrow

You can find Lingering at MAC’s website, or you can just click here 

2) Make up For Ever Aqua Brow WaterproofEyebrow Corrector


Don’t let the word, “corrector” scare you. This is a liquidy creamy product that comes in a squeeze tube. This product scared the crap out of me at first because I was so comfortable with using pencils and powders. This product is fantastic though. I applied it by putting a TINY amount on my hand and then dipping an angled brush into it for application. When I say a tiny amount is needed, I mean it. It’s better to start with little product and then get a bit more from the tube if you need. I did notice that with this product, if you apply more, the colour will get darker so you can vary whether you want lightly filled in brows or a heavy application. The waterproof term is also extremely accurate. I can say that I have worn this product while at the gym and hot yoga and I literally sweat like a pig but the one thing that does not come off are my eyebrows. It’s a serious product and it seriously works. I bought mine from Sephora and you can find it here.


3) Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade


I will say that this is a fairly new product for me. I’ve only used it a handful of time but honestly, it already has all the qualities I love of an eyebrow product. This product looks exactly like a gel eyeliner. It comes in a pot and is to be used with an angled brush. The product formulation is extremely unique. When you dip your brush into it, you can feel how creamy the product is. You barely need to touch the brush into the product and you will have enough for your whole brow. But once the product is placed on your skin and sets, it will not budge. I tried the gym test with this product as well and it did not move. I could feel sweat dripping to my eyebrow and I was so terrified to look in the mirror but when I did, I was shocked at how great they looked. The product does need a little trial and error, and also having the right brush for the job is key. I think this may be my new favourite eyebrow product and I can already say that from the little number of times I’ve used it. I’m also stoked about how little product you really need to use each time so the pot should last a very very long time. I just can’t say enough good things about this product.  If you want to purchase it, I got mine at Sephora so you can click here. Pick one up before they sell out!


Hope this post helped anyone that wants to dive into the world of eyebrows! Here are a couple pictures of my brows using the Pomade (left) and the Aqua Brow (right)

photo 2 (5)                         photo 1 (5)


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