MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Fix

In the beauty community, (specifically the YouTube world) I’ve seen this concealer around for a long time. I’ve been using it regularly for about 6 months and I love it. It does not crease on my undereye area and if you purchase a slightly lighter shade like I do, it really highlights your face in a flattering way.


One of the big downsides with this concealer is the pump. For probably the first 5-10 times you use it, you will pump out way too much product. The pump takes some getting used to. You’ll soon learn how much pressure to apply for the perfect amount. The pump also does not come off of the bottle. So when your concealer no longer pumps, you will be able to see lots of product on the bottom, but you will have no way of getting it out. Unless you accidentally drop the product and the glass bottle shatters, just like mine did. This was a pure accident but then I realized I could reach all the product gathered at the bottom. Quickly, I picked up the bottle and found a clean contact lens case to put the concealer in. You could also use one of those sample containers that Sephora hands out, or a travel size container, whatever works for you!

                           photo 2 (4)

I can tell you that I broke the concealer about two weeks ago and I’m still using the concealer from the broken bottle. I just think it is crazy how much product I almost wasted all because of that inefficient pump. Now, the one downside to breaking your bottle is that you can no longer take it for the Back 2 MAC recycling program. But for all the product you would be giving up, I think it may be worth a little demolition.


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