Influenster: The Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox

Today, I received by first Influenster Voxbox in the mail and I could not be more stoked about it. is a website that gives you surveys to complete, in order for them to gain information about you. They use this information to get you to test products and provide feedback. The Voxbox I was selected to review was the Sally Hansen Total Knockout Voxbox. This box contained 3 full size Sally Hansen nail polishes. I’m a huge nail polish junkie so I was extra excited to be receiving this box.

The product is called the “Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.” It claims to be ” 7 benefits in one bottle,” the seven being a “base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip resistant, gel shine finish.”

photo 1 (3)          photo 2 (2) 

Today I have already applied the color called “Pat on the Black 510.” It’s a dark purple color that looks black from far away but closer, you can definitely distinguish that it is purple. To get an opaque color, it only took two coats (which is my usual amount for any polish.) I also have noticed the shine from this polish. I haven’t yet put a top coat on the polish but it appears as though I already have, which is rare from most polishes. I can’t say anything yet about the wear of the polish. Usually, all polishes chip on me within the first two days, no matter what brand or what topcoat I use, I just don’t have luck with polishes. I have high hopes for this one though!

photo 3 (1)          photo 3 (1)          photo 3 (1)

I also painted my toe nails with the colour, “Jaded 540.” I must say I am a little disappointed with this one. In the bottle, this colour is a beautiful aqua shade that is perfect for spring and summer. But when applied, it needed about 3-4 coats to be opaque. From the bottle, I was expecting an opaque shade but the formula fell short. If you have the time and patience for all those coats, the colour is still beautiful. It just takes a little effort to get there.

Right now, I can say that the polish definitely has good shine quality. It should also be noted that the brush is much wider so it does paint the nail a whole lot faster (it can also be a bit more messy if you aren’t careful.) I’ll try to give an update on this polish in a few days regarding the wear of the polish!


voxbox-blogimage-popup2   **I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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