MAC Blankety Lipstick

I first discovered this colour over a year ago. My friend had it so I tried it on and it looked good but I never got around to buying it. Then in the summer, I tried it on at a MAC counter but the colour just did not look right. So then when my birthday came around in November, I went on a whim and asked my friend to buy it for me..and I’m so glad I did.

photo 1 (2)                   photo 2 (1)

Blankety is a darker nude lipstick. As opposed to MAC’s Hue and Cremecup (my other MAC staples), Blankety is not pink and falls more on the brown side. I’ve never owned a lipstick quite like it before. By darker, I’m mainly referring to the fact that it does not make you look like a corpse/a concealer lips victim (just don’t do it ladies). I think the reason I did not like it before was because of the season. In the summer, people aren’t generally springing toward a darker lipstick. For winter, I think this is the perfect nude. Especially because all of our tans have faded and left us with porcelain skin for the next few monthes. The lipstick compliments your pale skin and  puts life back in your face. Blankety goes with almost any eyelook, or blush, or bronzer or whatever else you wear. It’s my perfect colour right now and I am just absolutely obsessed with it.

The formulation is “Amplified” which is a very creamy consistency and feels moisturizing on the lips. This formula and cremesheen are my favourite from MAC. Below is three pictures. The first is my lips with no product, the second is with the lipstick, and the third is the lipstick with a nude lipgloss over top. (Tip: The lipstick also looks really good with any natural lip liner)

photo 5


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