the Balm: NUDE’tude Palette

If you’re like me, you probably have too many palettes so adding another one to your collection is just unnecessary. But for Christmas, there wasn’t anything I truly needed so I threw this palette on my list, thinking Santa might pick it up. Fortunately, I made it to the nice list and was graced with this palette. I hadn’t heard too many things about it on YouTube so I went into it with no bias.

I felt obligated to write a blogpost on this palette when I heard one of my favourite YouTube beauty bloggers, itsbl0ndie, saying she did not like the palette. It was a bit upsetting to disagree so strongly about a product with her because I typically love/buy almost everything she preaches about. 

photo 2

The palette contains 12 eyeshadows that vary from matte to shimmer. Overall, there is a good mix of both. Here’s a quick breakdown of the shades.

photo 3Sassy: It’s a beautiful white shimmery shadow. I typically use this as my inner corner highlight and it brightens up the entire look. The colour is very pigmented and also works well when used under the brow.

Snobby: This colour looks very interesting in the pan. When looking at it, it looks like a yellow eyeshadow, which turned me off from ever touching it. But when used, it’s a light gold colour. It’s not my favourite shade but its still a good quality shadow.

Stubborn: This is a pink shade that is much less shimmery than the colour under it, Stand-offish. I haven’t delved into Stubborn yet but Stand-offish makes an excellent champagne colour for all over the lid. It also looks good in the inner corner as well (a little bit softer than Sassy for the inner corner).

Selfish: This shade is a taupe-y (is that even a word?) brown that looks great on the lid. Sophisticated is a slightly darker, ashier version with tiny gold flecks in it. The flecks are not very prominent when applied but it does give some dimension to the colour.

Sultry: This is currently one of my favourite crease colours. When you apply this to the crease first and then add a darker colour to the lid, it really helps the colours blend together to create that seamless transition we all strive for. It’s a pigmented, creamy shade so you do not need a lot of it on your brush to achieve the perfect blend.

Seductive: Seductive is a beautiful bronze colour that looks great on the lid. This colour definitely delivers in the pigmentation department and reminds me a tiny bit of MAC’s Woodwinked. A very flattering shade for all over the lid.

Sexy: Sexy is probably my favourite shade in the palette. It’s a beautiful burgundy colour that looks great in the outer corner. I’ve been really into eyeshadows in the red family lately, (MAC Cranberry, LORAC Pro Garnet, MAC Brown Script,) and this colour really compliments those other shades. It also adds some colour to a sometimes boring basic eye look.

Silly: This is the one colour that I will agree with itsblondie on. In the pan, Silly looks a lot like MAC’s Beauty Marked; a dark, almost black shade with purple and red sparkles in it. Unfortunately, when it is swatched or placed on the eye, the sparkle is not shown. The colour is deceiving, but every palette usually has one disappointing shadow, right?! I guess they can’t all be winners!

Serious: The colour is black. That’s all.

Sleek: Sleek is my second favourite colour, next to Sexy. It is a matte dark brown with tons of pigmentation. It’s easily the darkest brown I own and that is why I think it is so great. It’s perfect for the outer corner of your eye, to add some depth to your look.

Overall, I love this palette. I’ve been using it almost everyday since I received it for Christmas. The eyeshadows feel like butter and have a very soft texture. The formulation reminds me of the LORAC Pro palette, for those of you who need a comparison. The palette retails for around $40, which is about $20 cheaper than the Urban Decay Naked palettes (and contain the same number of eyeshadows.) This product is a definite must have for me and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new, versatile palette to add to their collection.


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