Lise Watier Hydraforce Review

Hey everyone! Today I’m reviewing the Lise Watier HydraForce Moisturizer, sent to me by Topbox: Glamsense for review purposes!

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam

So this moisturizer caught my interest when I read the claims, “The new Canadian line of weatherproof moisturizers. Tested in EXTREME conditions.” Holy crap, that is a major claim. Unfortunately, I received this moisturizer while the weather was warming up and no longer frigid.

With that extreme weather claim, I assumed this would be a thick and heavy moisturizer but it applied nicely on the skin and sets in well, making it a perfect base for your makeup.

The cool part about this box that I received was that it came with an interesting device that you plug into your headphone jack and download an app to use with it. Essentially, you press the device into an area of skin and it tells you how dry it is. Then you apply the moisturizer and test it again. Here were my results the other day:

Pretty neat huh? I thought this was an interesting concept to include in the box and ta definitely cool.

Overall, this moisturizer is worth checking out. I can’t wait to test it out in winter and see if it really can live up to its claims!


Loreal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Oil Voxbox


Get ready for another sponsored post. Disclaimer: Products were sent to me by Influenster for review purposes. God, I feel like one of those famous YouTubers who gets everything for free but preaches that “all opinions are my own.”

SO In my VoxBox, I received the new Loreal Paris line of Extraordinary Oil Shampoo + Conditioner, plus a deep repair mask. Let us go over some quick details

Packaging: Looks super luxurious, love the gold tones.
Scent: Reminds me of a musky candle (in a good way) but the smell isn’t going to be obnoxious throughout the day
But does it lather? Heck yeah it lathers and feels majestic, which is when you can really get the smell. Suuuper relaxing 30 seconds in the shower.
Wait.. did you feel any different after? My hair definitely felt softer and more manageable. My hair is pretty processed (bleached,blown dry, straightened, curled, YOU NAME IT). I had this really dry/tangled spot near the top of my hair that was so hard to brush through. After using this set a couple times, it was back to being soft and normal hair (if that makes any sense).
But it has the word oil in the title…. Yes the word oil scares me too. Whether that be a face oil or hair oil. My thin hair usually can’t handle too much product without looking oily so the oil in the title definitely scared me. Let me be the first to tell you my hair does not get oily from this, it only provides impeccable shine and softness.

Absolutely. I have no problems with this line, only positive things to boast about. There is also nothing worse than buying a shampoo and conditioner set, hating it, and then being stuck with it. Thankfully, I like this so I would definitely buy this.


Thanks for reading my review of these products, let me know if you try them out!

Battle of the Brands: Loreal vs Urban Decay Setting Sprays

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On my latest trip to Target, I discovered that Loreal had released their own makeup setting spray. As a tried and true lover of the Urban Decay All Nighter spray, I decided to purchase Loreal’s version in order to do a comparison (and also a great blog post topic!). Lets jump right into a side by side comparison of the two products on different scales.


The drugstore makeup setting spray retails for around $14 CAD at Target for 3.4 fl oz, while Urban Decay’s spray retails for $36 CAD for 4.0 fl oz. Although you do get more product in the UD bottle, it’s not enough to make up for that extra $22 price gap.


Both products claim to make your makeup last longer and both are oil free. UD Spray also claims paraben free and temperature control technology. Both products directions are almost word for word identical: Shake well, hold 8-10 inches away and spray on face in a T and X motion. As for ingredients, I was almost shocked to see that the ingredient listing is near identical in both products. I had a previous hunch that Loreal and Urban Decay were owned by the same company/connected in some way. It just seems slightly outrageous given the two differing price tags that there is no significant difference, ingredient wise, between the two. From their logic, consumers will always buy Urban Decay though as it is a luxury brand compared to Loreal (a little bit of business wisdom for the day).


After testing the Loreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray (what a mouth full!) for the first time today, I do have some conclusions. In application, I did notice that the spray nozzle was not quite as good as the UD one. The mist was fine but the nozzle distributed the product slightly uneven, but I think I only noticed because it was different from the UD spray, which I am more familiar with. Secondly, the smell is SLIGHTLY different from the UD one. The smell isn’t unpleasant in any way, but the Urban Decay one has a more fresh scent but I personally do not mind the Loreal one, just noting the difference in scent.

IMG_5555  IMG_5558 (2)
IMG_5574  IMG_5572 (1)

After my own personal test of the Loreal product, I have to go ahead and say… THIS IS A DUPE, THIS IS A DUPE. My makeup did not break up through the day, as it does when I do not wear setting spray. The pictures really do not do justice, I just didn’t think to use flash when I had daylight.. but now the two have completely different lighting so I apologize. As I’m looking in the mirror, my bronzer and blush is still on, oh, and did I mention it has been approx 12 hours?! Yeah. I definitely give this spray a two thumbs up. I will probably be using both interchangeably since they both do the same thing from my perspective. I hope this spray stays permanent in Loreal’s line because it would be nice to not break the bank sometimes and not have to “settle” for the cheaper option.

Hope you enjoyed the review, and let me know what you think of the spray if you pick it up!

Throwback Thursday: Halloween 2014

As I was browsing my Pinterest in mid October, I, of course, was trying to find a costume with cute makeup involved. I absolutely fell in love with this picture of Linda Hallberg as a deer.


My friends and I were trying to come up with a group costume and decided to go with Bambi and his crew, Thumper and Flower. I thought I would share some pictures of my makeup and some of the products I used!

IMG_3795  IMG_3794  

IMG_3748Processed with Rookie

This look is actually very achieve. The best part is the heavy amounts of contour involved (the more, the better!). After applying my normal foundation, I bought some white cream makeup from a halloween store and stippled it onto the middle of my face (center of the forehead, under the eyes, along the jaw). After that, I applied heavy amounts of bronzer, using Nars Casino Bronzer and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour palette. The white dots on my face were created using the coveted NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade Milk. Eyebrows were Anastasia Dipbrow in Chocolate and the shading around the nose was bronzer as well. I used a creamy black eyeliner on the nose and set it with a black eyeshadow from the UD Naked 2 palette, which is the blackest black I have come across. My nose held up all night, even if I accidentally touched it, it didn’t move all night! The lipstick, which I think completed the look, was Styled in Sepia by Mac. The colour was limited edition in their Matte collection that came out recently. It is a grey/brown neutral shade that is surprisingly flattering for every day, not just Halloween! And finally, those doe-eyed eyelashes were from the Ardell Glamour line. They are super full, I will probably end up cutting these to use them because they are just a bit too long for any other event.

I must add that every social I went to, there was at least 3 other deer so apparently that was the costume to be this year! I really thought I was being original but oh well! Hope you enjoyed this post!!

Lorac Mega Pro Palette

First off, I am going to start off by apologizing because I know this was limited edition and sold out in 2.35864 seconds online.

I live in Canada, so getting Lorac products in general is nearly impossible so I had to order off of Amazon. Fast forward to a week later, the palette comes in a dinky cardboard box with a broken eyeshadow. I know I got off lucky because many reviews claimed that people had broken mirrors and mangled palettes. It’s just a piss off to pay a lot of money for a product for it to arrive broken due to an Amazon problem, not Lorac. Anyways, so about the palette…

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The palette is a dream, as you would expect. Although I will say that if you did miss out on this and have the first two, you’ll be able to live. Yes, the colours are different but I don’t see myself grabbing it as much as I thought I would. The original Lorac Pro is my favourite palette of all time so that will be hard to top in my books.

I haven’t touched all of the colours in the palette yet, just a select few. Merlot is a beautiful maroon colour, as if Lorac Pro Garnet and Mac Cranberry had a love child. I’ve tried Deep Teal over a black base, which turned out well but colour pay off would probably have been better on a white base. Camel is a really good blending colour, similar to Toast by Bobbi Brown. Cashmere is a beautiful neutral for the lid, as well as Smokey Topaz. Of course, all of these colours are pigmented and similar in formulation to the past Lorac Palettes.

Overall, this is a great palette if you did get your hands on it. If you didn’t, don’t cry too much and just buy the first two Lorac palettes to fill that empty void in your heart. The formulation in Lorac’s shadows really can’t be beat.

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Influenster VoxBox: imPress Press On Manicure

A couple of days ago, I received another VoxBox from Influenster. For those who don’t know, Influenster is a website that sends you products for free and all they ask in return is that you review the products using various methods like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. This box featured imPress Press On Manicure by Broadway Nails.

photo (5)

Before I was sent this product, I never tried press on nails before. Rephrase, I’ve never tried any fake nails before. They always just seemed inconvenient to me and too long and annoying. But I let go of my past notions and tried these babies out.

I received two different colours. The first set is of light pink nails with a lace overlay. This was my favourite of the two so it was the one I tried out. The other set is silver with black crackle overtop. Anyways, lets get to the nails.

photo 1 (20)

Application of these nails was pretty easy. I suggest picking all the nails before you start or you will forever be searching through the extra nails to find your fit and a match for the other hand (I learned this the hard way.) All you do is peel off the plastic backing and press the nails onto your actual nails firmly. The hold appears to be pretty strong, mind you, I have been wearing the nails for about 4 hours. I already feel impressed with these nails though. They aren’t too long in length, which is good for someone like me who is still skeptical of long pointy claw nails. I will have to update you on how long these will last before they fall off. The package says they can last up to 7 days so we will see how they live up to the claim!

**update: I was pleasantly surprised when these nails lasted 6 days on me without falling off! Although a few were starting to come off on the sides, they still stuck on the nail with no chance of leaving. They probably would have lasted longer but I wanted to change my nail colour so I took them off. I will definitely be buying these the next time I have a social event to go to, as it’s a cheaper alternative to a manicure!!


photo 2 (19)



voxbox-blogimage-popup2Items were received complimentary of Influenster!